Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What to write about?

So what to write that is unbelievably entertaining? Tonight is the night I start my first bread starter. I've been reading both of Alton Brown's cook books and they are very inspiring. Apparently (for those of us among the great unwashed) the only way to make 'proper' bread is from a home made starter.

I've read his description and it seems easy as dirt to make your own starter. A little organic rye flour (although where to find this in Kitchener is a little bit of a mystery - I'll post and update when I know where to find it), water, and salt - or is it sugar? Guess I'll check the recipe when I get home. Then you wait 8-10 days and voila! Bread starter. And it keeps for as long as you want it to - amazing! I get a real kick out of doing things from scratch and it doesn't get more from scratch than that!

Pictures and post on my first starter soon to appear here!



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