Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stir Fry Lessons Learned

So... after a very successful weekend 30th birthday party for my wife at which pizza was created and served by yours truly - we had a lot of chopped up veggies left over. What to do, what to do? Well, stir-fry of course!

I've always loved a good stir fry - healthy, flavourful and it leaves you feeling good. But as of late I've been having some trouble with stir frys and last night was no exception. I put 2 cups of white rice in the rice steamer with 2 cups of water, salt, and some EVOO - pressed the cook button and walked away (man - you HAVE to love rice cookers).

I got the wok from downstairs and had the following ingredients in the fridge:
red onion
vidalia onion
portobello mushrooms
green pepper
red pepper
another mushroom type (the name of which escapes me - but I'll figure it out and update the post)
minced garlic
chopped cilantro
julienne carrots

So I heated the wok with a little olive oil and started throwing the longer cooking items in first. All was going well so far. After a while (and before the mushrooms and cilantro were in) I remembered there should probably be a little liquid in there somewhere. So (unwisely) I grabbed some lemon juice thinking that would go perfect with the cilantro and 'Asian-esque' veggies. That was the first mistake. The second mistake would have been not measuring how much lemon juice and suffice to say I put in WAY too much. Again, I think that could have been remedied if I had of added a sugar to tone down the overpowering lemon taste but I didn't think of that until afterwards (and does that even make sense to begin with?).

I finished the stir fry with store bought teriyaki sauce - Kikkoman Roast Garlic Teriyaki Sauce (my wife likes it, I'm indifferent). That couldn't kill the mega lemon taste! I found that dousing it with plum sauce (my answer to everything that tastes shitty) things were a little better. I guess this counts as a lesson learned. My stir fry track record has been less than stellar recently - to say the least.

So, I'm looking for tips and your favorite stir fry recipes as I'm not ready to call it a day yet!



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